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Arya Air Conditioning Happy Customers
Arya Air BBB A+ Business

Arya Air has developed an outstanding reputation for unsurpassed reliability, qualified and prescreened technicians. This BBB rated Houston HVAC repair business employs technicians that have over two decades of experience in a wide range of refrigeration and AC repair Houston can trust.

Professional, trustworthy and fair


“New to the area, we were not sure whom to turn to for trusted AC service. Our realtor said to call Arya Air Conditioning Repair. We did and we were very impressed. This is a company that works hard to keep customers happy. They are professional, trustworthy and fair. I would suggest anyone with AC related problems call these friendly people. Thank You Arya!”

by Brett and June Gaston

Comprehensive inspection


“With four kids and two dogs we needed to be sure our central air conditioner worked without interruption right through the hot Houston summer. Arya Air did a comprehensive inspection of our unit and replaced a few minor parts. We feel confident this upcoming summer that our AC will work without fault. To top it off everyone was so friendly.”

by Mary Bowen

Outstanding customer service


“No other AC company comes close in terms of outstanding customer service and budget minded prices. Arya Air Conditioning Repair is the best when it comes to getting an AC system working again. They saved us money and fixed our AC right before the hot summer months were approaching. Highly Recommended!”

by Tong Family

Free estimate and an honest assessment


“When it came time to have our Houston AC unit inspected we went on the advise of a neighbor and called Arya Air Conditioning Repair. The experience was pleasing and professional from start to finish. With a free estimate and an honest assessment of our air conditioner, along with a detailed report, we will be calling Arya Air again in the future.”

by Sally G.

Quick and affordable


“Quality AC service can sometimes be hard to find, so when I came across Arya Air Conditioning Repair it was sure good news. I had an old unit that needed to be replaced. Arya got the job done in a quick and affordable way. It was obvious that your technicians knew what they were doing too. Just a great experience all the way around and 24 Hour Emergency AC Repair in Houston to top it off.”

by Gary F.

Up-front service


“My parents recommended Arya when our AC system stopped cooling almost completely. It was still cooling, but not the way that it had in the past. We were so happy with Arya because they found a simple solution. All we needed was a new air filter as the one we had was very dirty and clogged. No upselling and very up-front service! Thank you!”

by Sandra Watts

Fair pricing


“After moving here from the east coast and buying a home, I wanted to find a good AC services company in Houston. I always had a great AC guy in NY and did not know what to expect here. To my surprise I found Arya Air Conditioning Repair. This company simply gets customer service right. They know what they are doing and I thought the pricing was very fair”

by William Barns

A pleasant surprise


“Having a custom home built can be a challenging experience, especially when it comes to having a new AC system installed. Fortunately, my contractor suggested that I give Arya Air a call. Working with these professionals was a pleasant surprise to say the very least. Good work Arya, will use again.”

by G. Sabracca

You did a wonderful job


“On the recommendation of one of our friends we contacted Arya Air Conditioning Repair in Houston when our air conditioner just stopped working on one of the hottest days of the summer. You did a wonderful job and had our house cooled down in no time. This was no doubt top quality 24 Hour Emergency AC Repair.”

by Josh and the Blake family

Friendly, fast and priced right


“We were so impressed with Arya Air that we decided to write a review. Your company was friendly, fast and priced right. What more could a homeowner expect? Best of all, you guys got our AC unit working again. Thank you again and we have also recommended you to everyone we know!”

by Sal and James Gretchen